People -- I must hear from you if, by some horrible mutational crease
in the very fabric of the Universe's secret realms of nature and disorder,
you happen to possess a copy of


Especially if IT possesses YOU

GREAT GOD; What an example of frenzied, over-the-top screeching INSANITY
Engulfed in Extragalactic, Ectoplasmic UnEarthliness.

James Plotkin does NOT play by any of the rules found in THIS sector of God's Big Black Universe.
Infact, imagine if human civilization had a mirror counterpart, only this one resides on The Planet Venus.
(where it rains sulfuric acid & the atmosphere is hot enough to melt lead)
I think OLD would be kinda like their version of RUSH.
You see what I'm saying? Geez, I wonder what their version of OLD would be like...
It would probably cause a Massive Continuum Rift, thus invoking a bizarre Wormhole Anomaly;
out of which a Stephen King version of "The Burl Ives Thing" would begin to mutate into form.
Hmmmm... now that is frightening.

Each of you adventurous hardcore metalheads & GrindGoblins must FIND this CD!
Upon doing so, BEHOLD the weaving, pulsating, cataclysmic bass riffs of VEIN WATER.
This, my friends, is Geddy of the underworld-type shit.

Other Recordings:

1. Old Lady Drivers - (Pictured below left: Click it for TWO REVIEWS
2. Musical Dimension of the Sleastak - (Below right; Click for more stuff on OLD)
3. Formula - (Bottom disc, click for a review)

This guy is obviously just bitter about something;
this album is a real departure, but certainly much better than he implies.

Let's get a second opinion...

Now here's a fellow with a coherent grasp on the Formula disc:

Here's an SSMT review of Lo Flux Tube

released by
IPECAC Recordings

Here is (was) a veritable Colostomy Grab Bag
of information on J.P. & O.L.D.:


UPDATE 2010: try this far more current
official James Plotkin page:

Here's a Khanate-related Plotkin Interview

HEY! An OLD Bio-Article!


OLD Lady Drivers on MySpace:
they are your FRIEND.

This next entry is an interview, which I mined from the depths of Venus' scorched, horrific landscape.

Upon my return from the Planet of Dangerous Beauty, flesh-incinerating
heat and brutally harsh & deadly chemical compounds,
I spent an hour & a half making it presentable for you, the Reader.

Click this 'Burl Thing'...

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! READ this highly interesting interview
with James Plotkin, conducted in 1996

For a nifty treat, we have an over-the-top,
BRUTAL and completely insane track:
'Rape, Carve, Smoke'

This one is found on the rare, very early
7" split with the band Assuck.

is a page where someone has
taken the time to list all
of the song titles &
lyrics from the
first three

Burl's Eyeball

for the
BNR Metal
entry for OLD
(If not in frames)