Grampa's Goodie Bag

This is where we will build our extensive list of
Wall of Voodoo bootlegs, rarities and misc debris.

1. Grampa's House 'Rarities Bootleg' **

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1. Send in the Drugs
2. Robbing Her Own Room
3. Maybe That's Not Her Head
4. Big Rock Finish
5. Lights Go Out (Piano Demo)
6. Exercise
7. Deep In the Jungle (Demo #2)
8. Funzone (Live) *
9. Grampa's House (Live)
10. Mexican Radio (Metal Version Live)
11. Ring of Fire (Single Version)
12. Room With A View (Demo #1)
13. Back In Flesh (URGH! Version)
14. Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun for Christmas
15. Big Heat (Live w/ WoV)
16. There's Nothing on this Side
17. Dance of Death (Instrumental, Live)

* (Not from the US Festival)

Format: Bootleg CDR from Ebay
Quality: Varies wildly
Available: Yes
Owned by: Tse Tse Fly, ?

2. US Festival 1983

9 tracks - Wall Of Voodoo's last performance
with Stan Ridgway & Joe Nanini
Live at the US Festival May 28th, 1983
Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino, CA
For more info (and a VIDEO) from this concert


1. Ring Of Fire
2. Call Box
3. Animal Day
4. Lost Weekend
5. Back In Flesh
6. Funzone
7. Mexican Radio
8. Tomorrow
9. Call of the West

Format: MP3
Quality: Audience recording
- fair to good (considering)

** This 'bootleg' is currently undergoing a major 'Tangential' overhaul.
A new, superior, 2-disc version SHOULD be available sometime this Summer (2012)

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