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Magazine Scan Set from 1982

BBC College Concert #20 - Wall of Voodoo (BBC - 1983)
(aka Dance Of Death Bootleg)

Recorded live at El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada, 1983.
Taken from CFNY broadcast - June 2, 1983 for the BBC College Concert.
Sound: acceptable / very good. (192 Kbps MP3 files)

More Info

1. Call Box
2. Animal Day
3. Lost Weekend
4. Call Of The West
5. Factory
6. On Interstate 15
7. Can't Make Love
8. Tomorrow
9. The Passenger
10. Longarm
11. Ring Of Fire
12. Mexican Radio
13. Back In Flesh

Still available:

An excellent 2004 National Public Radio:

Interview with STAN RIDGWAY
(8.2MB - MP3)

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